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Seeds of Change: Nurturing a Sustainable Tomorrow with ISEC, Experience from the Regional Convening


In a whirlwind two-day trip to Kenya, I had the honor of representing South Africa as the National Director of the International Student Environmental Coalition (ISEC). The gathering brought together passionate minds from Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon and South Africa, each committed to combating climate change. Despite the absence of our colleagues from Malawi, their spirit echoed through their presentation, showcasing the impactful work of ISEC Malawi. The discussions were rich with experiences, accomplishments, and future aspirations, setting the stage for collaborative environmental action.

Exploring Collaborative Initiatives:

The heart of our discussions revolved around the strides we've made over the past two years and the collective vision for the future. We envisioned expanding our reach by involving more schools, hosting essay writing competitions, and intensifying our tree planting initiatives. The commitment to fostering environmental awareness and sustainable practices was palpable, creating a shared sense of purpose among the diverse representatives.

Getting to Know Each Other:

Beyond the conference room, the trip provided a unique opportunity to connect with fellow environmental advocates on a personal level. Meeting face-to-face added depth to the relationships forged through virtual collaboration. The camaraderie was evident as we shared stories, challenges, and triumphs, reinforcing the sense of a global community united by a common cause.

Team Building Exercise:

A pivotal moment during our visit was a team-building exercise that encouraged us to explore and address local environmental challenges collaboratively. In my group, we delved into the cleanliness issues faced by Duncan Village, brainstorming practical solutions to transform the community and protect the environment simultaneously. It was an enlightening experience that underscored the power of collective problem-solving and community engagement.

ISEC's Commitment to Environmental Education:

At the core of our mission is a dedication to environmental education. We recognize that raising awareness is fundamental to inspiring lasting change. Through initiatives like essay writing competitions and interactive educational programs, we aim to instill a sense of responsibility and knowledge about the critical role each individual plays in mitigating climate change.


As I reflect on my whirlwind trip to Kenya, I am invigorated by the shared passion and determination of the International Student Environmental Coalition. Our commitment to saving the environment, one day at a time, is more than a slogan – it's a call to action. By collaborating across borders, embracing diverse perspectives, and engaging local communities, ISEC is making strides towards a sustainable future. The journey may be challenging, but with each tree planted, essay written, and community transformed, we inch closer to a world where the importance of environmental stewardship is ingrained in every individual. Together, we are the change-makers, working tirelessly to combat climate change and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

By Sibulele GOVUZA

ISEC South Africa


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