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Our mission

ISEC is a youth-led global network of over 30 countries that provides young people the resources, community, and organizational power to engage in grassroots movements for climate justice. Our main goals are:

To unite young people to act against climate change globally, with a particular focus on uplifting those on the frontlines and in the Global South.

To mobilize young people to tackle the roots of the climate crisis, namely capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and racism. 

To challenge corporations, governments, and institutions responsible for the climate crisis. 

To foster holistic support for individuals and groups in their climate justice projects.

Our structure

The International Student Environmental Coalition is led by the Board of Directors. The governing body is split into the International Board, responsible for international affairs and representation, and the National Board, with national directors taking care of issues in their respective countries. We operate under the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing.

Furthermore, project managers are also represented in the Board of Directors. Find out more under Projects.

Founding members: Rebecca Suss, Kayla Soren, Julia Karitas Helgadottir, Martina Orlea, Bettina Maurer, Samuel Nichols, and Anna Hinge. 


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