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2018 annual report

Environment my Best Friend

ISEC Uganda organized “Environment: My Best Friend Event." Students from various colleges formed presentations to empower over 2,500 students at Makerere University! The event spread awareness about the importance of the environment and the threat that climate change poses to it.

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OASIEA Young Leaders Forum

ISEC Uganda in partnership with Education Forum of Africa organized the 2018 OSIEA Young Leaders Forum (YLF) under the theme Connecting Young People Today at SKYZ hotel in Uganda on 6th to 8th December 2018. YLF is a 3-days long, annual program of dialogue, workshops, institutional visits and capacity building sessions bringing youths between the age of 18-35 years, from social-political movements, business start-ups, social enterprises, civil society, international organizations and public institutions. It is aimed at connecting youths to share experiences and learn from each other on the selected themes, discuss challenges they face and devise way forward to address them. It will bring youths in touch with their peers, researchers, entrepreneurs, influential speakers and development partners.


  1. Establish a platform for innovation, young people to learn, strengthen network and share knowledge, skills and experiences among themselves.

  2. Inspire youth-led initiatives and actions on governance, information and communication technology, social-economic entrepreneurship through speakers and trainers.

  3. Bring youth closer to the development partners, government, research institutions, grant makers and private sector and showcase opportunities, programs or tools that young people can benefit from.


Direct Engagement: The 2018 Young Leaders Forum attracted over 120 (50 from Uganda and 70 from outside Uganda) youths from over 12 countries in Africa namely Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda, South Sudan, Comoros, Benin, DRC, South Africa and Burundi to discuss themes centered on Social Movements, Climate Change, Natural Resources, Technology and Innovation and Sustainable Development. These topics were Facilitated by over 16 speakers from both Africa and abroad

Online Engagement: The 2018 YLF had a great online engagement trending number one in Africa on TWITTER during the 3 days of the forum under the Hashtag #YLF2018Uganda. The figures show that we engaged over 2million People on just twitter.  

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Plant for the Planet

Over 6,500 students have participated in ISEC’s Plant for the Planet campaign in Nigeria and Cameroon. The program trains these students as activists and gives them their first climate change education.

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Plastic Pollution Awareness Campaign

Primary schools are educated about the dangers of plastic pollution and ways to think creatively to reduce plastic consumption in schools. Over 200 students were educated.

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World Environment Week

June 5th's World Environment Day was reducing plastic pollution, and ISEC Nigeria showed just how powerful plastic pollution education can be! They hosted a week of events, starting with Similade Adeodun lecturing about the impacts of plastic pollutions at at International Breweries. All new students matriculating into Obafemi Awolowo University were taught about ISEC and plastic pollution.Then, they taught to always refuse if you can't reuse at primary schools in the ANNY International School Osogbo and Brighter Future Secondary School.

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Radio Environmental

ISEC Nigeria launched a weekly environmental radio program on Orange FM that consistently reaches over 2 million listeners. They increase environmental awareness, share personal steps to protect the environment, and relay environmental news.

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Break Free Plastic Movement Launch

ISEC Pakistan partnered with community leaders to launch the nationwide “Break Free Plastic Movement. ” They combine civic engagement and government action to reduce plastic consumption. In 2018, they engaged over 5,000 participants in their plastic pollution awareness programs.  

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Pakistan Water Study

ISEC Pakistan conducted an expansive tour in northern areas of Pakistan to collect data on water quality and spread environmental awareness to local communities that lack internet connection. They also introduced recycling to the Arang kel village.

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Hepatitis Screening

Climate change is exacerbating the transmission of infectious diseases.  ISEC Pakistan partnered with the Saviors to work on climate resilience strategies by screening 500 patients for hepatitis.

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Youth Forum Aktif

From July 27 to 29, Indonesia hosted their inaugural youth activist training program for 50 students. This is the first program in the region that empowers youth activists.

The goal of this conference was to form a community that continues to empower these young people to implement environmental projects post-conference. We're extremely proud to say that all participants couldn't be more excited to begin their journeys as activists.

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Tree Planting Camp

3 days, 430 students, 2,100 trees. From August 10-13, ISEC Indonesia and SMAN 1 School hosted a 3-day tree planting camp in Sumarorang.

Check them out in the news! 

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Solar Program Launch

ISEC USA launched the Solar Fellowship Program, which trains high school students to launch solar campaigns in their school districts that conserve energy and save money. They are currently working with students from 4 school districts to go solar.

South Sudan
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South Sudan Activism Launch

ISEC Uganda partnered with the UNDP to bring our environmental programs that empower women and refugees. Our pilot program is a 10,000 tree food forest managed by refugees in the Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, Uganda. We were chosen by the Vatican as one of the top 55 proposed companies serving refugees.

Climate Awareness Research

ISEC Bangladesh surveyed 590 households on their views on environmentalism and knowledge of climate change. During the surveys, the team also educated each of these households on environmentalism. Link to report is HERE (put in link)

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