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ISEC Malawi's Greener Schools Campaign

Author: Emily Munami

Malawi is facing a deforestation crisis with net loss 40000 hectares of trees annually. The lead cause of deforestation is the use of Charcoal and firewood for cooking (biomass. Over 95% are dependent on biomass as their source of energy for cooking and well as lighting. Deforestation is also being caused by the need of land for agriculture and also timber production.

The massive cutting down of trees has greatly affected the weather patterns in Malawi conclusively also affecting the agriculture practice in Malawi as well as people’s day to day lives. Malawi being an agri-based country where over 80% of Malawians are smallholder farmers have been affected as now they are producing less for food and livelihood.

ISEC Malawi team took upon a project called Greener Schools with the aim of increasing awareness of the climate change and deforestation crisis and train students to participate in environmental activism. During our discussions the ISEC Malawi team had an indepth discussion with the students about, climate change, deforestation, pollution and renewable energy.

The ISEC Malawi Team had the privilege to be accommodated by five schools namely:

  • Kalieka Secondary School

  • Chipasula Secondary School

  • Chiwoko Secondary School

  • GC Academy Primary school

  • Chilinde Secondary School

A combination of over 4000 Students were reached of which surpassed our target of 1500 students. After the discussions together with the students and some teachers the ISEC Malawi planted a range of 70 to 150 trees at each school compound of which totaled to over 500 trees being planted.

The ISEC Malawi Team comprised of Emily Munamie National Director, Pemphero Zulu – Central Region coordinator, Imran Nkhoma- Outreach Coordinator, Uchizi Munamie – Social media coordinator/Secretary, Joshua Mbewe – Project Coordinator. The team tirelessly worked together in span of two weeks to accomplish the objectives of the Greener Schools Project.

“We can do better in protecting our environment than the generations before us” - ISEC Malawi


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