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Climate Change and a Quest for Purposeful Leadership

By Adedeji Oluwatosin

In a world beset by shifting tides,

Where nature's voice no longer hides,

Climate change, a haunting truth,

Beckons leaders, a call uncouth.

With each passing day, the Earth cries,

In melting glaciers and fading skies,

Leaders, arise with hearts so bold,

Embrace the challenge, let truth unfold.

Oh, leaders of nations, listen well,

The winds of change begin to swell,

For in your hands, the power lies,

To steer us towards cerulean skies.

Lead us, oh captains, with unwavering grace,

Through turbulent storms, we seek your embrace,

With wisdom as your compass, undeterred,

Navigate the tempests, let justice be heard.

Let not greed cloud your vision's eye,

Nor ignorance sow seeds of the sky,

For unity and harmony must prevail,

If we are to avert a perilous tale.

Harness innovation, ignite the flame,

For sustainable solutions bear no shame,

Invest in renewable realms unknown,

Where hope blossoms, where life is sown.

Empower the voices of the marginalized,

Whose lives bear the brunt, unjustly criticized,

Stand tall as guardians of nature's domain,

In this delicate dance, let love sustain.

Embrace the challenges, for they are rife,

Seek collaboration in this dance for life,

Transcend borders, let compassion guide,

In unity, we shall surely abide.

For leadership, true leadership, demands,

An understanding of nature's intricate strands,

Let wisdom, integrity, and vision entwine,

In pursuit of a future, harmonious and fine.

Oh, leaders of nations, the time is now,

To honor the Earth, to rekindle the vow,

To heal the wounds that we have wrought,

And leave a legacy of lessons well-taught.

Together, let us script a narrative anew,

Where climate change bends to our virtue,

And generations yet to come will say,

Leadership triumphed, and saved the day.


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