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ISEC Cameroon: Ecosystem Restoration, Act Now, Restore Nature and Livelihoods

On World Environment Day 2021, we organized a series of activities in one of the Secondary schools in Yaoundé. Our theme was “Ecosystem Restoration, Act Now, Restore Nature and Livelihoods”

The first Activity was an Environmental Quiz that was taken by over 100 students. The aim of the environmental quiz was to test students’ knowledge about environmental issues, raise awareness about the environmental challenges plaguing our world, and foster action towards climate change, environmental protection and conservation amongst young people.

The next activity was an educative session in which students were educated on climate change, local mitigation strategies, the various environmental challenges our world is currently facing and over Cameroon, and sustainable development. The excited and curious students were also very eager to join the environmental movement and join the rest of the world to foster climate action. Next year, we will be launching an environment Club in the school in the next Academic year.

Our major activity to commemorate the 2021 Edition of the World Environment day was a tree planting exercise with the students of the school. 50 trees were planted in the school premises we joined the students and the rest of the world to Take Action, Restore Nature and Livelihoods.

Prizes were also awarded to our Environmental Quiz winners who automatically became our ambassadors in their school and their communities at large. The day ended with a donation of Waste bins and waste bags to the school administration by the International student environmental coalition to enhance proper waste management in the school premises.

HARRISON ASHANGWA, Co-Executive Director, ISEC


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