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Call for Applications for Youth Organizations: National Climate Justice Coalitions

In response to COVID-19 and the increasing lack of climate action among global leaders, we are launching national coalitions of youth-focused environmental justice groups in our member countries in order to amplify the work of local organizing efforts and more effectively respond to future crises.

These coalitions aim to unite the existing work of youth-based organizations through resource sharing, developing shared messaging and campaigns, and amplifying local impact to the national scale. Although ISEC is hosting the coalitions, we will not take credit for the work of groups within the coalition. The coalitions are exclusively meant to help build up each other’s work to reach a larger scale and audience.

Each country will develop their own structure, facilitation, and meeting schedule according to what best suits their member organization’s needs. We expect most countries to host quarterly meetings in which organizations will discuss the activities of their organizations, how coalition member groups can best support one another, and develop collective visions for the future that they are building toward in their countries.

By filling out the application to join the coalition, you are agreeing to attend the first meeting, in which groups will collaborate and brainstorm what they hope to get out of the coalition and collective norms and agreements. Then, you can decide if the coalition is a good fit for your organization.

We will first be actively recruiting for coalition members in the Cayman Islands, Nigeria, Cameroon, Indonesia, and Uganda. If you reside in one of these countries, we have volunteers ready to host the national coalitions. If you reside in a country not listed and would like to volunteer to start your own national coalition, please apply and reach out to us-- we’d love to have you


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