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Takeaways from Indonesia's Plastic Forum

In June, ISEC Indonesia hosted a plastic pollution forum at Bosowa University, Makassar, Indonesia with 25 participants. After discussions, campaign building, and fun activities, here are our key findings:

1. All participants agree that plastics are all enemy

2. Communities should be involved in formulating regional and national policies and plans regarding the environment

3. The community must play an active role and must be aware of government programs

4. The biggest problem we experience is an instant lifestyle

5. And the mindset of the community to use non-plastic equipment, it is difficult to change if everything is still marketed at a price that is not consumptive

6. The community caring for Gowa feels that plastic is not a monster, no one realizes that it provides income for others (already denied)

7. There is no need to worry about the problem of livelihoods, because the wheels of the economy continue to rotate if the plastic is stopped, there are many new jobs popping up, for example, tumbler bottles, stainless straw, etc. will be needed more

8. There are no studies that show that plastic is completely decomposed,

9. Recycling like Eco-bricks is not a solution to reduce plastic waste, the only solution is to stop using plastic

10. Sometimes we don't realize that plastic is everywhere, like in detergents, this must be more often conveyed to the public.

11. How do we make the government want to hear the aspirations of environmentalists?

12. All communities are open to having collaboration in various activities.

13. Being an environmental activist must really be shown in society in Indonesia, that there are people like us! and we need more people to get involved.

14. We need to start from our own very home.

15. Less speak, more actions.

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