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Indonesia's First Environmental Youth Forum

The forum was held from July 27th to 29th in Masohi, Maluku, Indonesia with 47 students, 4 speakers, and 15 organizers.


We started the first day with an opening ceremony. The government representation told us that they were very proud, as this forum is the first of its kind in Masohi.

We then had a session with Opa Eli He, who motivated us about what it means to be an environmental activist, with his wonderful stories of his daily life, and he also taught us simple things we could do in our daily life that can protect the planet. We ended the first day with group discussions about “what is the biggest thing I would change in my life start from tomorrow” and reflection about the day.


We had three speakers who held a workshop about leadership, project building, and eco-friendly lifestyle.s We had group discussion as well about what I want to do to Masohi (we called it our commitment to Masohi). We concluded that after this forum, we need to form a sustaining ecological activist community. I also talked about ISEC on this day, everyone was so excited to be a part of ISEC. We talked about projects we could do in the future, everyone wrote their own projects and we agreed to meet again to talk about this after the forum that we already a community.


We actually planned to have a run-for-the-trash game that cleaned the river, but rain made us post-pone this until after the forum. Instead, we played team-building games and hosted debates. We ended the last day with awards.

We are going to have meeting at the end of this month to plan our future actions.

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