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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: National Directors in South America

We are very excited to announce that we are looking for youth from Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Columbia to apply as National Directors for International Student Environmental Coalition. As a hot-spot area in the conflict between development and the preservation of the Amazon, we need passionate, smart students to lead environmental initiatives in their countries.

We have youth (under 30 years) serve as National Directors in over 30 countries. Just a few examples of amazing initiatives they have pursued are: creating an environmental conference involving youth in Africa, bringing people together to plant over 25,000 trees in Pakistan, and working with a water filtration company to bring clean drinking water to Nigeria.

ISEC is interested in bringing together national directors from South America with the indigenous peoples of their country to prevent any more destruction of the Amazon. The role of a National Director from Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Columbia would be to recruit their national team, work with their national team on environmental issues relevant to their country, and join forces to protect the Amazon.

Application Process:

PART 1 : Fill out this information form:

PART 2: Send a letter of motivation and a CV to

PART 3: We will have a shortlist for interviews.

**Application due December 15th**

For any questions, email

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