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Personality and Thrifting

Oversized, kind of worn out stuff was in a few decades ago, and now it's back. Thrifting is the perfect opportunity to combine some nice 21st century leggings and chunky boots with an old overall. Fitting into the trend usually means going to the right store buying the right thing wearing it the way you're supposed to. Thrift shopping is different. You can be part of trends in your very own way, because the pieces you buy won't be found at every second corner. Your jacket might have been from an old grandpa, now it has a nice oversized fit when you wear it imagining the cigar he probably smoked in it. The shoes could have been owned and rocked by a drag queen, and maybe your skinny jeans belonged to a hard working mom in a diner. Thrifted items have history, you have a personality. Together that forms a lot of potential.

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