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Pumpkin season is on!

The October wind is blowing red and yellow leaves across the grey sky as you stroll home from this year’s first fall Monday. How could you possibly end this day better than with a hot pumpkin soup for dinner, served in a pumpkin? So get your fall mood ready and try out this delicious recipe!


-600 g pumpkin

-1 Tbs butter

-150 ml white wine

-1l vegetable stock

-100 ml heavy cream

-Salt & pepper to taste

-Parsley or chives

-Hollowed-out pumpkin


Cut the pumpkin into cubes and stew with the butter. Deglaze with white wine and let simmer for 5 minutes. Then add vegetable stock and boil until soft. Puree. Reboil soup with cream and season. Finally fill into pumpkin and add herbs to decorate.

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