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ISEC Nigeria Educates 600 Students

This World Environment Day, we educated over 600 students in ISEC Nigeria's Plant for the Planet program.

Over the years, a day like this which supposed to be a lead day to other days where human environment is celebrated and prioritized is being seen as a day where more harm is done to human surrounding. This happens through several vagueness including the act of using reams of paper and placard with different conscious words inscribed on them in the name of sensitization and awareness which subtly increases deforestation and incessant solid wastes especially when there is no sustainable means of managing the materials used after. Some pick up a very loud speaker while the background music plays screaming aloud on the need for environmental conservation to people but unknowingly contributing noise pollution to same environment they crave its protection.

Awareness, sensitization, notifications and all sorts are good efforts but without knowledge and sustainable action plan, they might in turn become environmental menace.

Some young Environmentalists going for a lecture on measures to beating Air Pollution while each of them rides his personal car to the venue instead of applying sense of car pooling as a group demean the environment, thinking they are protecting it considering the huge amount of exhaust and fumes released to the atmosphere from their cars.

World Environment Day 2019 Theme: BEAT AIR POLLUTION

WHO estimates that around 7 million people die every year from exposure to fine particles in polluted air that lead to diseases such as stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Affirming that air pollution causes 1.4 million deaths from stroke every year.

Two countries, China and USA have been identified as part of heaviest Air polluters of the World but the consequences are not being felt only in their region but all over the planet, including Africa which contributes less than 10% of global emission


Ride your bicycle, turn off the light and electric appliances in the day, partake in environmental programs in your locality, purchase eco-friendly cooking stoves, imbibe selflessness with your car (car pooling), do not burn and make more research on GREEN ECONOMY.

What are the roles of TREES in fighting Air Pollution?

Trees IMPROVES AIR QUALITY filtering harmful pollutants out of the air, such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and ammonia which are agents of respiratory problems from repeated exposure. Forest cover across the world is shrinking, there is need for reforestation to save the Earth from depletion especially now that climate change implications keep becoming realer.

To commemorate 2019 World Environment Day, the premier Inter School Tree planting competition moved to Community Government Middle School, Ota-Efun Osogbo where students were shown the concept behind today's event by imparting into them the knowledge on Air pollution and climate change after which they were led into Tree planting being part of the measures to combat the aforementioned ecological issues, it was such a great moment to see the staff and students jubilating after the event.

Special thanks to Professor Chukwumerije Okereke, University of Reading and Coordinating Lead Author IPCC WgIII AR6 who sponsored the move.

Everyday is Environment Day!

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