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2nd Annual Karachi Beach Cleanup

With Earth week being just around the corner, International Student Environmental Coalition ISEC-Pakistan team took an initiative and along with the students of Institute of Environmental Studies, University of Karachi, they performed a beach cleaning activity to Sandspit Hawksbay,Karachi on the 12th of April.

Over 65+ students as participants were present there. We've left no stone unturned and have also been joined by the faculty members , Prof Dr Aamir Alamgir, Prof Dr Waqar Ahmed, Ma'am Noor Fatima & Ma'am Humaira Kanwal.

Students cleaned the area around the huts and also talked to the locals about the waste management issues and briefed them about the consequences of polluting oceans. In this activity the students have learned even more about beach cleaning and the pollution around it.

Chief coordinator Mr Hassaan Khan & Additional Coordinator ISEC-Pakistan Abdul Saboor Akhtar, supervised the whole event, We've also been recognized by the Care about Climate as well, special thanks to our Executive Director Kayla Soren & a bundle of thanks to Sarah Voska as well who's the Coordinator for online youth exchange program from Care about climate.

Overall thoughts from everyone about this innovative activity has overwhelmed us and we look forward to make more of these in the future.

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