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Bangladesh Expands Waste Minimization Program

Bangladesh- the land of beauty and culture. One of the very few countries to bloom with six seasons. The land offers spectacular picturesque elegance and is protected by a range of low mountains. The atmosphere here is neither too cold nor too hot. It has longest sea beach and largest mangrove forest to attract the travelers. Hill tracts are another dimension of beauty. The hidden waterfall, lakes, tribal people and their amazing culture can attract people as well. But in recent days tourist spots are being overcrowded. Wastes are thrown randomly. Plastic bottles, bags and packs are thrown mostly-which can cause environmental degradation in coming years. This is the high time we should take necessary steps. International Student Environmental Coalition Bangladesh has come up with an idea to save tourist attractions. As part of this they selected Napityachara waterfall. Almost 500 travelers visit this amazing waterfall every day. There is no proper waste management over there. Thus ISEC Bangladesh arranged a field trip which included: cleanup action, setting up placards, meeting villagers and travelers. The cleanup action has been very effective as the travelers joined ISEC volunteers in the cleanup action. All who were there took it seriously not to throw waste randomly. Kids from villages had an amazing time with ISEC BD members. They were taught how to interact with tourists and encourage them to throw waste in proper area. The villagers asked to set up some garbage can in selected areas. We took into our consideration and working on it. After the joyful field trip ISEC BD members headed back to capital city. They were encouraged and expressed their commitment to work in more projects to save nature.

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