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Call for Applications: Indian Director for Indo-Pak Climate Peace Action

We are proud to announce our inaugural conference uniting India and Pakistan for environmentalism. Since the environment is an issue that both countries face, it can be used to unite them by peacefully collaborating over similar goals.

The initiative will be launched by a 6-day conference in Thailand. The conference will occur in summer 2018. It will bring together 20 selected Pakistanis and 20 Indians. The goal of the conference is to create a sustainable organization that fosters joint environmental activism.

We are looking for one South Indian and one North Indian under 30 years to serve as Directors for the conference. We currently have 2 Pakistani Directors, Muhammad Ayaz and Tayyab Shafique, and the ISEC Board working to prepare the conference. The roles of the Indian Directors would be to recruit for the conference, organize logistics, and prepare curriculum.

Application Process:

PART 1 : Fill out this information form: PART 2: Send a letter of motivation and a CV to PART 3: We will have a shortlist for interviews.

**Application due August 1.**

For any questions, email

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