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What's the Impact of This Outfit?

Fashion is not related to being covered anymore, to have a piece of material wrapped around you in order to hide your body, or to survive to the weather. Fashion is a lifestyle, with thousands of influencers and big brands covering the media, and slowly our lives, it is clear that this simple phenomenon changes our lives little by little. And it is this change that we need to focus on. Is it a good change or a bad change? For us, for our future, our health, and maybe I can go a little bit further and ask, for our planet? It seems a bit off at first to think about the fact that this new pair of jeans you bought may actually hurt the ones that worked for it (mentally and psychically), illegally cross the human rights, destroy the flora and fauna from where it was made, and wasting at least 100 litters of water for manufacturing denim. But, it is true. So let’s turn this situation around! Let’s focus on finding alternatives for our fashion cravings!

The outfit shown here helped the environment, saving at least 100 litters of water, sweat-shop workers from working extra-time in inhumane conditions, saving rivers from spilling pollution, and costed me about 20 euros, head to toe. So, what’s your excuse for not buying sustainable?

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