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What Earth Day Means to Me

Of all planets, the earth remains special and notable for her rare hospitability, her ability to support and sustain both the living and the inanimate. She is self-sustaining and self-replenishing. She supports series of actions, reactions and activities all at once. She has been responsible from inception for the accommodation of all life and lifeless forms as well as the supply of all that is needed for both to the beauty and the beast. The earth has beautiful and wonderful scenarios to behold, this is a feather to her cap. One striking thing about the earth is her orderliness and I can’t think of any other planet with such degree of orderliness. Nothing on earth was made to compromise one another neither was there any reason for them to for each one was properly arranged in the Mother earth.

From the gases in the atmosphere, to the seas, oceans and rivers in the hydrosphere, and from the ice, glaciers in the cryosphere, to the plants, animals and cultural diversities in the biosphere, from the soil, mountains and rocks in the lithosphere to the technological and industrial development in the Psychosphere a realm of human mental and social existence; the earth seems to have all of her components interacting with one another mutually, conveniently and productively in a state of equilibrium.

My respect for the earth increased when I realised that the earth needs no help from any external influence as the Holy Bible describes it as having fullness meaning she lacks nothing. Man who is privileged to be one of the myriads inhabitants of this womb called Earth was ordained by providence as the steward of this great estate to keep her in a continuous state of balance and enable her retain her beauty became power drunk and assumed the office of the Creator, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He became wicked to the earth by overexploiting every of her components. He turned, unturned, and overturned all of the components. Nature became disrupted, animals and plants became dislodged while the atmosphere, soil and water bodies became degraded, polluted and contaminated. The earth in a matter of years became a den of death as the man tapped to turn the good use of natural resources to an agent of terrorism.

Biodiversity is fast going down the lane, thanks to deforestation, industrialization, poaching, use of chemicals, war which is destroying lifeforms. Man would bear needless pains of health and reduction of life expectancy than ever before as the reward for sowing sparingly and wickedly to the earth.

As we celebrate the World Earth Day, my message is simple and it is that man should return to his original responsibility and office as a steward who owns nothing of the earth but only hold in trust the earth and all of her fullness. Let this mind be in all of the 7 billion humans on earth that we are guardians of the galaxy and the steward of this great earth not Owners. When we live with this in mind, we remind one another that we would account for every loss that the earth encounter unless the other components of the earth which has inhabitants like us would keep revolting against our irresponsible style of leadership as we can see in our weather and climate. We all owe it a duty to keep our Earth functioning at her normal temperature and restore her from the realm of death we threw her into due to unsustainable agricultural and industrial practices, make it a peaceful hospitable place it was designed to be for our own good. I wish the Earth a quick recovery even as we start today to manage her well.

Happy World Earth Day.

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