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Are you hungry but you are searching for a special dish today? Something new? Good, as today is #MeatlessMonday. You should try bruschette! It's a fancy mediterranean dish, easy to make and even tastier!

Time: 10 minutes

INGREDIENTS (for 2 servings) 2 tomatoes Toast bread Spices: pepper, salt, salad seasoning (optional) Cheese Olive oil Butter Garlic


Before toasting your bread add some butter to it so it would still stay puffy and good.

Then slice the tomatoes in small cubes, and add them to a separate bowl. There you will mix them with the spices and the olive oil.

You can take your toasted bread and add little slices of garlic for a better and spicier taste. After you are satisfied with the way they mixed you can add your tomatoes on the toasted bread, and slice some cottage cheese on top.


In the end you will have a meat-free meal, very rich in taste and extremely easy to make!

Today you just saved between 5000 and 20000 liters of water which go into preparing a dish of meat per person. So next time you decide to get a meal which contains meat, remember how much you could be helping if you would just skip it today.

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