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Red, red, red

A couple of days ago I walked past this thiftshop runned by ‘Folkekirkens Nødhjælp’ – “DanChurchAid” in English. The people working there are volunteers and all the money they earn goes to the organizations work with e.g. refugees. I just wanted to take a look around but ended up buying two jackets and a purse for less than 18 euros in total. I have a weakness for big, oversized bomber jackets and I got several already, all of them from thriftshops, but I just couldn’t say no to this one in the lovely color. The good thing about thriftshopping is, that 1. it’s cheap 2. it doesn’t hurt the environment, 3. and sometimes it even supports a good cause. Therefore, you don’t feel as bad if you buy another jacket, even though you have several, or if you buy something in a crazy color or pattern and end up not wearing it too often. And I think that is what I like most about thrift shopping; It allows your wallet and conscience to take fashion risks and experiment with different styles and colors.

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