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Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen

Since yesterday afternoon I have had the pleasure of Marsel’s company, one of my new ISEC friends, who is visiting me in Denmark from Sunday to Tuesday. We went out to grab some dinner at this really hyped place in Copenhagen called Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen – ‘The Paper Island’. It is located in Copenhagen’s Harbor from where you can see the Opera House and the Royal Danish Playhouse. Papirøen is a hall with a lot of different food stalls and trucks where you can buy all sorts of different dishes and drinks – luckily enough, there were also several eco-friendly options.

Even though Marsel is a vegan and I am a vegetarian, we had no problem finding food – we actually had a pretty hard time deciding between all the delicious meals the stalls had to offer. You can choose between Moroccan, Colombian, Italian, Turkish and a diversity of many other national cuisines. Most of the stalls offer at least one vegetarian dish. Some of them even focus on using organic and local ingredients.

I ended up having an 80% organic, gluten-free egg wrap with cabbage and other different types of vegetables at a food stall called Brass, while Marsel had a big vegan pita with falafels from Fala Fala. Both of our meals were very delicious and we enjoyed them in the pale pink light of the evening sun accompanied by the view over the water.

Afterwards we got organic beers and vegan ice cream before heading home.

It is surely not the last time I visit Papirøen and I would definitely recommend it to others looking for a nice and green meal in Copenhagen.

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