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Taco Trays

I've always admired people who can avoid those temptations, to be able to never eat any meat or dairy products. That requires a lot of self strength that I do not have. That is why meatless monday is so clever. You can start small. Start by not eating any meat, one day a week. On today's menu were those delicious Mexican Taco Trays. Try it out or make and share your meatless monday meal with us using #MeatlessMonday!


INGREDIENTS - Red onion - Garlic - Red/green/orange/yellow peppers - Red/green chili - Carrots - Tomatoes - Spinach - Chili beans - Salsa

PREPARATION 1) Cut the vegetables in small pieces or slices 2) Fry everything on the pan with some oil 3) Use mexican spice to add flavour 4) When the vegetables are ready, put the chili beans on the pan and then add salsa. 5) Warm the taco trays in the oven for a few minutes 6) Then put the bean blending and whatever you like with it in the trays 7) Enjoy your meal :)

Can for example be served with: - Onion - Chili - Peppers - Salad - Tomatoes - Avacado slices - Lime boats - Mais - Guacamole (see recipe below) - Salsa


INGREDIENTS - Avacado - Lime - Garlic - A little sour cream (optional)


Put everything in a blender and blend until smooth.

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