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We have implemented hundreds of community-based projects, which you can follow on our country social media pages. Here are a few of our current international projects! 

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The purpose of the Earth Power campaign is to strengthen the demands and increase the inclusivity of the youth climate movement. We strive to harness the momentum of the youth strike movement, and direct it toward the fossil fuel industry, as 100 fossil fuel companies are responsible for 71% of global carbon emissions.  We believe that confronting the fossil fuel industry is central to addressing the root causes of climate change-- colonialism, patriarchy, capitalism, and racism. 

Visit our website: earthpowermovement.org



Started in Nigeria, Plant for the Planet is an educational movement that gives students their first exposure into climate change and practical solutions to it. They have already engaged over 8,000 students and counting and have expanded to three other countries.


We intend to build a youth movement between India and Pakistan united by climate change. This initiative is beginning through an inaugural conference that will plan sustainable environmental projects that cross the border between India and Pakistan. We aim to harness sustainable environmental solutions that, in turn, will reduce future conflicts that may arise due to climate change between Pakistan and India.


Our team hosts international conferences to bring students together to collaborate for climate change solutions. Our first conference was in Cologne, Germany in August 2016. In addition to organizing our own conferences, ISEC has represented the youth voice at nine major international conferences.

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Our training programs give students aged 18-25 the tools to be confident activists and develop a particular environmental project, no matter how ambitious. We have hosted workshops and conferences in the United States, Nepal, Germany, Iceland, Pakistan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, and Indonesia, and we are developing a virtual training program for 50 fellows annually from to be launched in January 2019.


The Students for Solar Fellowship is a a training program for high school youth leaders seeking to start solar energy campaigns in their districts. These visionaries will learn to raise student-based coalitions from scratch, grow them to span entire school districts, and spur peers to action, saving millions of dollars for their schools while offsetting tens of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide along the way.