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The 7 directors of ISEC met at the Ben Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Program in 2015. We are committed to promoting the firm belief that youth have the ability to change environmental policy and become effective activists. 

ISEC has 3 key aims: to educate on ways climate change can be countered within local communities, to provide a support base for activism, and to impart methods of civil engagement. The motivation behind the project is to tackle the misconception that environmental action is bigger than any one person. There is currently a false belief across multiple cultures that the problem of climate change is too big for any individual to begin to address, thus deterring any possible action. Therefore, we aim not only to engage students across the world in environmental action, but also to connect students to reveal the substantial impact such a coalition would have. We foster international connections through utilizing the diverse nature of the world community for support. 





  • Improved learning performance through directly increasing environmental education through cross-cultural connections

  • Encourage students to become engaged in environmentalism in the future especially regarding future careers

  • Engage in social entrepreneurship models for environmental activism 

  • increased self-empowerment for activism because participants will have a worldwide support base for their activist endeavors

  • Promote intercultural awareness.

  • More active participation civic engagement

  • Create better awareness of the the EU values;

  • Increased motivation for taking part in future (formal/non-formal) education or training after the mobility period abroad. 





Each participant will return with a plan for implementing an environmental project in their communities. Throughout the conference, the mentors will work with the participants in constructing a successful project.





Partner: International Projects e.V

International Projects e.V. was founded in 2013 by two alumni of the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute. It aims at fostering European integration, transatlantic friendship and international collaboration in order to facilitate mutual understanding. It does so by organizing and supporting international youth projects.

Other Partners:

The Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition and Scouts Waterlily





 The cost for the entire conference is 40 euros, which will help us cover additional costs. We will fully fund each participant regarding travel expenses, 3 meals per day, and lodging.




Wednesday, August 3: arrival at the Hostel, team building activities at the conference hall with assistance from Scouts Waterlily


Thursday, August 4: Ice breakers with assistance from Scouts Waterlily, team building activities, overview over the camp with/introduction to program and environmental issues (rules, scheduling, meet the mentors, discussion of environmental policies in our countries) at the conference hall


Friday, August 5: introduction to debate at the conference hall with help from London Metropolitan Youth Debate Society, how debate relates to environmentalism


Saturday August 6: environmental debates how to utilize debate for activism with help from London Metropolitan Youth Debate Society, excursion to coal plant facility, question and answer session of environmental problems we daily face in our schools and communities with a discussion for positive solutions


Sunday, August 7: sleep in, explore Cologne, project work time with mentors


Monday, August 8: Debate (London Metropolitan Youth Debate Society), presentation about the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition, Guest lecture with help from the International Project, discussion of environmental issues and solutions in our countries at the conference hall with help from the Kentucky Student Environmental Organization


Tuesday, August 9: attracting volunteers and fundraising workshop with International Project, conducting meaningful research workshop, International Student Environmental Coalition future plans discussion with help from Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition Wednesday,


August 10: hiking excursion, guest lecture, discussion of issues with recycling with help from Hreint umhverfi (Icelandic Recycling Center), International Student Environmental Coalition future plans discussion


Thursday, August 11: How to Implement Successful Projects lecture with all of our past knowledge from BFTF, project work time at conference hall Friday,


August 12: project presentations at conference hall


Saturday, August 13: departure



Final project




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